The point of transitioning our website to Squarespace is the ease of editing. This page is a basic guide of how to edit. For issue not covered here, try a Google search containing "Squarespace" and whatever it is you're wanting to do, and you're likely to find a page detailing whether or not it is possible (without coding skills) and how to do it. If that doesn't help, feel free to ask Thomas about it.

If you want to try any of these things without the risk of screwing up the live site, there is an unlinked page entitled "testpage" that is a copy of the conference page. Feel free to experiment on that page to figure anything out before doing it to the live site. 


Basic Editing

Basic editing of the site is done by going to and logging in. Once logged in, you should be directed to a page that looks like this. 


You can switch between accounts by clicking on the face logo at the bottom where it says "REFORMED C." This editing guide will more or less all apply to any editing of the Cultivate site as well. When switching accounts, you will be directed to a screen like this.

Individual Page Editing.png

To edit any of the individual pages of the site, click on the pages link and the side bar will show the listing of pages. The top list of "linked pages" is a list of the pages that show up on our navigation bar. Any other pages (such as the one you're reading now) are listed as "unlinked," meaning that they're live but do not have a link on the site. Click on any individual page title to be taken to that particular page for editing. Scroll over the main part of the page (or whatever part you want to edit) until you see a black bar pop up that says "Page Content." Click on "Edit" to begin editing. 


To edit existing content, you merely need to click on that content. To add new content, move your cursor to the place you want to add the content until you see a dark grey balloon appear on the side of the page. 


Click on the grey balloon to see the types of content that you can add and select what you want.

With any existing or new content, you can essentially drag and drop within the limitations of our template. As you drag a content block to a new location, you'll see a black line on one of the boarders that shows you where you can put that block and indicates its size. For example, if you drag a large photo alongside a block of text, at some point you'll see the text move and the photo block will display a short line showing you that placing that block next to that text will make them both small and arrange them side by side (as the text and images on this page are arranged). 

When adding text, bold and italics are options as well as four other font options. The body of this page is "Normal." Our other fonts are:

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Text alignment can be adjusted and number and bulleted lists can be created as well. Hitting enter in text will give you an extra space, like

this. But pressing "enter" and "shift" together will give you a single space.


News page/Blog Posts

Creating and editing blog posts (our page is entitled "News") is a little different than regular content. Clicking on the blog page will direct you to that page and will open a side bar through which you can select a new post or click on an older post to edit. The options for doing this should be pretty straight forward.