Our Vision

An ecclesial fellowship


The Reformed Communion is an uncloistered order serving the church for the sake of the world.  

Our fellowship began in 2004 when several pastors began an online forum for mutual encouragement, theological discussion, laughter and sharing resources. What emerged was something we simply couldn’t find anywhere else–a community of leaders not driven by celebrity or grand promises, but friendship and mutual help and growing commitment to missional church planting and Reformed catholicity. Over time our fellowship grew to include members from many denominations, with extensive ministry experience serving in diverse contexts and in 2010 the Reformed Communion was officially launched.

Matt Brown
Founding Director


“Of the many things that we need in order to be faithful in ministry, three stand out: wise people to teach us, colleagues to partner with us, and friends to encourage us on the way. The Reformed Communion has been the most important source for each of these in my life and I’m extremely grateful to our Savior for it.”

Greg Thompson
Pastor, Trinity Presbyterian Church
Charlottesville, VA

"Book reviews, articles, conversation, cultural issues, and debate are the obvious benefits the Reformed Communion provides. The real value though is in the shared life of ministry and the flourishing relationships the Communion facilitates. These happen among old and new friends from a diversity of denominations in an environment where opinions are respected, the gospel is celebrated, truth is wrestled with, and love is nurtured."

Mike Khandjian
Pastor, Chapelgate Presbyterian Church
Marriottsville, MD

Pastors gathering at the Cultivate Conference. 

Pastors gathering at the Cultivate Conference. 



Our membership includes pastors and church leaders from the following denominations:

  • Anglican Catholic Church
  • Anglican Church in North America
  • Christian Reformed Church in North America
  • Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches
  • Evangelical Presbyterian Church
  • Presbyterian Church in America
  • Presbyterian Church (USA)
  • Reformed Church in America
  • The Episcopal Church